Don’t Look Down
Dedicated to Four Brilliant Kids

You always clothed yourselves
in capes and crowns
whether it was Halloween
or playing around
You put yourself right
before you’d hit the ground
You put yourself right out
in this new town

Honey don’t you dress down
when they hand you rags
Honey don’t you dumb down
when the foolish brag
Honey don’t you lay down
for love’s clearance tags
Honey don’t you look down
-don’t you look down…

If you begin to see yourself
with glaring flaws
If you begin to hear yourself
as a cacophony
then you begin to sell yourself
short of the cost, Honey
And you begin to teeter
with your balance off


Life – it is a run
up on narrow line
balancing yourself with
weights on every side
Fear may come and go
but Love stays all the time
And though you fly
You fly so high…

And tho’ you fly so high
And your wings work right
The mind sometimes is afraid of heights
The earthbound voices
with which you fight
announce your decent as you take flight
But don’t you bend your ear –
just bend your Light
like that Star you are:
designed to burn so bright…


“DontLookDown3.25.8” from Living Room Sessions Side B by Beth Wacome Keck. Released: 2008. Genre: Vocal.



Other Bottles

Looks at me I’m getting older
Look at you – you’re young at heart.
Look at me I’m getting bolder
Look at you – you’re getting smart
look at us – we’ve made it this far
We can make it farther still
Look at us – we’re somewhat wiser
than we were before the hill

I’ve been offered bread from other tables
I’ve been offered wine from other bottles
But knowing there’s a feast
that’s waiting piping hot at home
With better food than anybody else
Has ever grown to feed my soul
and satisfy my body and my mind
enough to override the rough
And let love make me blind

You can ride beside the Bog Boys
I’d give up before I start
You can race the pace of Champions
But I’m the Champion of your Heart
You can love me tho’ I’m softer
(Softer in my frame, that is)
You can love me all you want to:
Champion does as champion is

You’ve been offered bread from other tables
You’ve been offered wine from other bottles
But knowing there’s communion
in the union that you chose
can satisfy the hunger
tho’ the appetite still grows
Come feed your Soul and satisfy
Your body and your mind
enough to override the rough
And let Love make you blind

Look at me and love me honest
Honest love is sometimes mean
Look at “mean” through honest lenses,
Re-evaluate the scene
Look at you and see you always
Always as the One you are
Look at you as Time will cleanse and
Wake us from our pillow scars

We’ve be offered bread from other tables
We’ve been offered wine from other bottles
But knowing there is knowing
And the price that has been paid
Solidifies the weakest link
and transforms ball and Chain
to line and light ballon that floats
upon Rythms of Grace
Enough to override the blind
and let Love win the race …



Dream On
Dedicated to Mark (and Amy) Palmer

Dream on my Darling and sleep, sleep while you may.
Dream on my Darling and sleep, Tho’ it is still day.
You asked for no doubt in the talking about
your departure – for it would not be.
I fully believed in your vow to not leave,
while the battle – and war for your life –
you wore on your sleeve…
Dream on, Darling
Dream on, Darling
Dream on, Darling – Dream

The covenant cut and the Rallying Forces
who shouted: your hope would be met…
The building momentum of Kingdom and war-zones
and Justice were promises made to never forget…
Dream on, Darling
Dream On, Darling
Dream On Darling, Dream…

I fully expected your healing to come,
Then your pain could bring something of worth
I fully expected you’d be resurrected
and your strong, and re-muscled hand
To punch through the earth
Dream on, Darling
Dream on, Darling
Dream On, Darling – Dream
Dream on, Darling
Dream on, Darling
Dream on, Darling – Dream

Dream on my Darling and sleep –
sleep while you may.
Dream on my Darling and sleep
Tho’ it is still day….

“Dream On ” from Living Room Sessions Side B by Beth Wacome Keck. Released: 2007. Genre: Vocal.


‘Blown Away’ also known as ‘Wanting to Rise’

AKA Wanting to Rise

People say she’s the perfect blend of – a perfect blend of you and me
Perfect blend of strength and capability
People say if she sets her sights high she can fly right – she can flight right
People say… Who cares what all the people say?

What I know is she exhibits all our frailties.
What I know is Her. She is fragile, wounded by insensitivity.
What I know is she’s aware of wrong been done to her – cut right through her
What I know is: Who cares what other people say?

Because she died that day – she felt she’d let us down
She died that day you fixed your face as stone
She died that day — but she is waiting to rise…

If you ask her she can tell you. She can tell you why it hurts so deeply
If you ask her – but you wont ask her, and that is why she hurts so deeply
If you ask her she’d forgive you so she can fly right – she will fly right
She will fly right, but not in your tail wind…

Because she died that day
Was crucified that day – the day she crossed you
and she was blown away, though her skin stays home

What I see is her – She is fragile, but not as fragile as the bond between you
What I see is transformation in acknowledging what’s wrong between you
You’re the grown up – before she’s grown up
Before she’s long gone, though her shell’s still with us
I want to hold her and unfold her by acknowledging the hell within us…

So she’ll  fly that day – the winds of rage let go of her
so she will  fly that day – and commit to love Another,
Not blown away and seeking refuge in one, stronger
So she can fly that day and not hide any longer…

@Beth Wacome Keck 2007
CCLI #4943158


Gold Mine


I am a nobody – nobody knows
I have a song but forgot how it goes
Scurrying ’round in my head it’s on fire
Can’t put it out – yet it’s out on the wire

And I’m a Gold Mine  – if you could dig that deep
A Gold Mine , within my soul to keep
A Gold Mine – yet the gold is not mine

I am a Poet who’s caught in a rhyme
A rhyme – or a riddle – running out of time
Swarming around in my head – it’s alive
Dancing and dodging, protecting the hive

Yet I’m a Gold Mine –  if you could dig that deep
A Gold Mine – like liquid honey, sweet
A Gold Mine – Yet the Gold is not Mine

I am a nobody nobody knows
that honey is dangerous stuck to your clothes
Swarming around you the bees guard the throne
of queens who don’t work like you do with their drones

Yet I’m a Gold Mine if i could dig that deep
A gold mine – collapsed while i was sleeping
Gold Mine – if you could slit that vein –
blood running down the drain –
you’ll take your cut again  –
but Honey, not for change…

Gold mine – like honey through my fingers
Gold Mine the urgency still lingers
Gold Mine the Song buries the Singer
Gold Mine : the Truth complete with stinger…

@Beth Wacome Keck 2008


Be Careful


Be Careful

If you’re not careful – Something might happen
And it might scare you – Scare you so badly –
Oh La-De-dah, oh La-de-dah – Oh La-De_dah…

Oh be careful Little hands what you touch…
Oh be careful little hands what you touch…
For the Father up above is looking just to judge –
Oh be careful little hands what you touch…

Oh be careful Little Eyes what You see..
Oh Be careful Little Eyes what you see…
For the Father up above has never been in Love
Oh be careful Little Eyes what you see…

Oh be careful Little Minds what you think..,
Oh be careful Little minds what you think…
For your Father up above may be driven to drink –
Oh be careful little Minds what You think…

Because if you’re not careful something might happen
and it might scare You – scare You so badly
Oh La-De-dah, oh La-de-dah – Oh La-De_dah…

Errant Theology
Bad Psychology
New Technology
Bible College-y
Seduce All of me
Reduce You, me
Reduce You, me…

Don’t want to be careful – want something to happen
Something that scares me – scares me so badly
Oh La-De-dah, oh La-de-dah – Oh La-De_dah…

Undo me
Undo Me
Undo Me
Undo me
Undo me…

@Beth Wacome Keck 2007



a.k.a. What about G-d?

“It can’t be done that way” – that’s what the people say
“You’ve passed your greatest day – It’s time to be moving on”
“It can’t be won that way – Not likely at this stage”
“You’re slipping in the race: Hand on the baton”

To which I say: What about G-d?
What about Vision?
What about Covenants
And their provisions?
What about promises
made in the dead of night
when we aren’t seeing right –
What about G-d?

It cant be won that way -best now to not engage
Step down and back away – and call it “Grace”
“It cant be sung that way” – that what the skeptics say
Its time to fade away and call it “Faith”

Chorus 1

I want to be part of that Story – woven tightly into the plot
But when presented with unlikely glory to not forget the nature of G-d
I don’t want be laughing at – I want to be laughing WITH
I don’t want to be jumping ahead – i just want to be jumping in
to the adventurous Story that my G-d’s still publishing
A plot of Redemption that my G-d is writing me in to

Alongside of G-d
Within the Vision
Inside the Covenants
Without my revisions
Inside the promises
Made in the dead of night
So i can finally read it right:
The story of G-d…


Beth Wacome Keck @March 25, 2008


One Knight Stand

One Knight Stand

Am                                    G                  Fm
I don’t know you – You don’t know me
G                         Am
But we are here – Letting the Tender pour out wine
G                Fm
It’s numbing you – – its numbing me
G              Am
As we are here – letting the feeling consume us..

Fm                 Am
And so we dance and even sing
Words are exchanged with good intention
Am                                             F                            G
And here we touch and even kiss – calling it love – no future mentioned…

I’m seeing you – You’re seeing me
Exposed and bare – calling it lovely – even true
But when I see you in the day
You walk right by – not even knowing who I am

Chorus 2
So we go back – hoping for more
As others sing – and dance as we did
And Tender pours and fills each cup – and all is hushed – and all called ‘sacred’..

I don’t know you – you don’t know me
But I refuse to hold this against you anymore
I entered in on my own will – looking for love
Only to find I had my fill….

@Beth Wacome Keck
March 2003

Written as if a (Mega) Church were a Club/Bar…
by its very nature – a false sense of intimacy vs. true commitment
The Bartender/’Tender’ being Pastor…




I am no Soldier, but I fight
Fight against these thoughts – these thoughts at night
of what wont happen or what might descend upon my children

I am no victim, but I’m torn
Torn by all that which will soon be born
A war that rages upon both shores – The casualties: they are endless

But if I could fly with the Angels,
See the world from that angle,
would it seem to untangle – or simply be in labor?

I’m no Commander – but I call
for Chiefs upon their knees to fall…
For Citizens to wail upon the walls of heaven – oh Heaven – for salvation

Chorus: But if we…

I am no Midwife – but I see
the waters breaking upon the seas
While all along we beg for peace – we fight for peace and freedom…

Beth Wacome Keck @2007
Peace Writing Song Contest, Langdon Street


Lions & Lambs

Lions and Lambs

D                      Bb                    F
Everyday is the right day to make it right
Every night is the right night to seal it tightly
Every hour is the best hour to do it justice –
G    Bb   G
The Question Just is: Are you a Lion or Lamb?

Everyone has to lay down sometimes – Isn’t that right?
Every dream has to dumb down sometimes or pick a fight? (see)
I’m in a dream that has not been realized – only recognized
The question still lies: am I a lion or a lamb?

Most Shepherd Boys – they don’t like lions
Most Shepherd Boys are throwing stones at them

Most Shepherd Boys are only trying
to keep their lambs and ewes at home with them…             D Bb F

Every wrong is the right time to make it right
Every dawn is the right dawn to end the night
Every Error is the best way to learn of Justice
The question Just is: Are you a lion or a lamb?

Most Lion tamers don’t deal with Lambs and
Most Lion tamers aren’t trained for that
Most Lion tamers work for the Circus
All said and done it’s just an act for them…

Every Lion’s not the right Lion to lay with Lambs
Every times not the right time to give a damn
Every lie will be made right – brought into the light
When we recognize the Lion and the Lamb

Most pleas for peace are said for the say-er –
Most pleas for peace are to avoid the noise
Most please the beast who sends up the flare
to distract lions from Shepherd Boys….

Every soul is the right Soul – to wonder why
Every soul has the tendency to live a lie.
Not every soul has the fortitude to find the truth and
The question still stands: Am I a lion or a lamb?

@ Beth Wacome Keck
May 26, 2009
CCLI# 5203718