Lions and Lambs

Lions and Lambs

D                      Bb                    F

Everyday is the right day to make it right

D                             Bb                  F

Every night is the right night to seal it tightly

D                            Bb                F

Every hour is the best hour to do it justice –

G    Bb   G

The Question Just is: Are you a Lion or Lamb?

Everyone has to lay down sometimes – Isn’t that right?

Every dream has to dumb down sometimes or pick a fight? (see)

I’m in a dream that has not been realized – only recognized

The question still lies: am I a lion or a Lamb?



Most Shepherd Boys – they don’t like Lions

Most Shepherd Boys are throwing stones at them


Most Shepherd Boys are only trying

to keep their Lambs and Ewes at Home with them…             D Bb F

Every wrong is the right time to make it right

Every dawn is the right dawn to end the night

Every Error is the best way to learn of Justice

The question Just is: Are you a Lion or a Lamb?

Most Lion tamers don’t deal with Lambs and

Most Lion tamers aren’t trained for that

Most Lion tamers work for the Circus

All said and done it’s just an act for them…

Every Lion’s not the right Lion to lay with Lambs

Every times not the right time to give a damn

Every lie will be made right – brought into the light

When we recognize who’s the Lion and who is the Lamb

Lions and Lambs p2

Most pleas for peace are said for the say-er –

Most pleas for peace are to avoid the noise

Most please the Beast who sends up the flare

to distract Lions from Shepherd Boys….

Every soul is the right Soul – to wonder why

Every soul has the tendency to live a lie.

Not every soul has the fortitude to find the truth and

The question still stands: Am I a Lion or a Lamb?

@ Beth Wacome Keck
May 26, 2009

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