One Knight Stand

      One Night Stand - unedited mp3

One Knight Stand


Am                                    G                  Fm

I don’t know you – You don’t know me

G                         Am

But we are here – Letting the Tender pour out wine

G                Fm

It’s numbing you – – its numbing me

G              Am

As we are here – letting the feeling consume us..


Fm                 Am

And so we dance and even sing


Words are exchanged with good intention

Am                                             F                            G

And here we touch and even kiss – calling it love – no future mentioned…


I’m seeing you – You’re seeing me

Exposed and bare – calling it lovely – even true

But when I see you in the day

You walk right by – not even knowing who I am

Chorus 2

So we go back – hoping for more

As others sing – and dance as we did

And Tender ours and fills each cup – and all is hushed – and all called ‘sacred’..


I don’t know you – you don’t know me

But I refuse to hold this against you anymore

I entered in on my own will – looking for love

Only to find I had my fill….

@Beth Wacome Keck
March 2003

Written as if the Church were a Bar…

False sense of intimacy and commitment…

The Bartender being Pastor…

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