Penny Saved

Penny Saved

C#                                     Bb                                      Gb                                   Fb
How many times do you leave the house thinking “where in the world in her mind?”

C#                                             Bb                                     Gb                                   Fb
And how many times does she lie awake blinking back tears for ways she’s been unkind?

Gb                                Fb                                    Gb

And how many times do you look at each other and realize the gift that you’ve got?

Fb                                    Gb                                      Fb                                 G

And how many times do you turn into Lovers when you don’t like each other a lot?

How many times do you show up for work to cash in at the end of the day?

And how many times do you avoid the truth in the things that you hear and you say?
and how many times must the madness continue until you choose to lose your mind?

And how many times will a new wave roll in and you ride it til it robs you blind?


Penny for your thoughts

Stay and Gather Moss

Consider the cost

Give it all you’ve got

(you were) sleeping on the cot

Take another shot –

It wasn’t what you thought it was


It is better…

How many times can we labor the point that the labor should not be in vain

And how many times will it take to realize that to lose at the fight is to gain

And how many times can we forgive to live – see revenge as the deathblow to Love?

And how many times will you look at the test instead of seeing the work we’re proud of?

Penny Saved, p2

I hope you can say at the end of the day it was worth every struggle we had

I hope you can know in your deepest of soul that the good times outweighed the bad….


Fb               Gb

This is your life – It is good…

Fb                   Gb

This is your time – not for wasting

Fb                             Gb

This is your love – love like you should –


This is your life….


@Beth Wacome Keck
June 30, 2008

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