‘Blown Away’ also known as ‘Wanting to Rise’

AKA Wanting to Rise

People say she’s the perfect blend of – a perfect blend of you and me
Perfect blend of strength and capability
People say if she sets her sights high she can fly right – she can flight right
People say… Who cares what all the people say?

What I know is she exhibits all our frailties.
What I know is Her. She is fragile, wounded by insensitivity.
What I know is she’s aware of wrong been done to her – cut right through her
What I know is: Who cares what other people say?

Because she died that day – she felt she’d let us down
She died that day you fixed your face as stone
She died that day — but she is waiting to rise…

If you ask her she can tell you. She can tell you why it hurts so deeply
If you ask her – but you wont ask her, and that is why she hurts so deeply
If you ask her she’d forgive you so she can fly right – she will fly right
She will fly right, but not in your tail wind…

Because she died that day
Was crucified that day – the day she crossed you
and she was blown away, though her skin stays home

What I see is her – She is fragile, but not as fragile as the bond between you
What I see is transformation in acknowledging what’s wrong between you
You’re the grown up – before she’s grown up
Before she’s long gone, though her shell’s still with us
I want to hold her and unfold her by acknowledging the hell within us…

So she’ll  fly that day – the winds of rage let go of her
so she will  fly that day – and commit to love Another,
Not blown away and seeking refuge in one, stronger
So she can fly that day and not hide any longer…

@Beth Wacome Keck 2007
CCLI #4943158