‘Blown Away’ also known as ‘Wanting to Rise’

AKA Wanting to Rise

People say she’s the perfect blend of – a perfect blend of you and me
Perfect blend of strength and capability
People say if she sets her sights high she can fly right – she can flight right
People say… Who cares what all the people say?

What I know is she exhibits all our frailties.
What I know is Her. She is fragile, wounded by insensitivity.
What I know is she’s aware of wrong been done to her – cut right through her
What I know is: Who cares what other people say?

Because she died that day – she felt she’d let us down
She died that day you fixed your face as stone
She died that day — but she is waiting to rise…

If you ask her she can tell you. She can tell you why it hurts so deeply
If you ask her – but you wont ask her, and that is why she hurts so deeply
If you ask her she’d forgive you so she can fly right – she will fly right
She will fly right, but not in your tail wind…

Because she died that day
Was crucified that day – the day she crossed you
and she was blown away, though her skin stays home

What I see is her – She is fragile, but not as fragile as the bond between you
What I see is transformation in acknowledging what’s wrong between you
You’re the grown up – before she’s grown up
Before she’s long gone, though her shell’s still with us
I want to hold her and unfold her by acknowledging the hell within us…

So she’ll  fly that day – the winds of rage let go of her
so she will  fly that day – and commit to love Another,
Not blown away and seeking refuge in one, stronger
So she can fly that day and not hide any longer…

@Beth Wacome Keck 2007
CCLI #4943158


Gold Mine


I am a nobody – nobody knows
I have a song but forgot how it goes
Scurrying ’round in my head it’s on fire
Can’t put it out – yet it’s out on the wire

And I’m a Gold Mine  – if you could dig that deep
A Gold Mine , within my soul to keep
A Gold Mine – yet the gold is not mine

I am a Poet who’s caught in a rhyme
A rhyme – or a riddle – running out of time
Swarming around in my head – it’s alive
Dancing and dodging, protecting the hive

Yet I’m a Gold Mine –  if you could dig that deep
A Gold Mine – like liquid honey, sweet
A Gold Mine – Yet the Gold is not Mine

I am a nobody nobody knows
that honey is dangerous stuck to your clothes
Swarming around you the bees guard the throne
of queens who don’t work like you do with their drones

Yet I’m a Gold Mine if i could dig that deep
A gold mine – collapsed while i was sleeping
Gold Mine – if you could slit that vein –
blood running down the drain –
you’ll take your cut again  –
but Honey, not for change…

Gold mine – like honey through my fingers
Gold Mine the urgency still lingers
Gold Mine the Song buries the Singer
Gold Mine : the Truth complete with stinger…

@Beth Wacome Keck 2008