The Silent Type

Every day – you go speeding away
from the processing place of your dreams.
Things that consume all your time – though they’re valid-
require more time than they seem

They’re the silent type
But they’re going wild…

Every night – though you fight being tired
you still know there are good things to do.
Every One holds a place in your heart
And you love them – like good women do…

You’re the Silent Type
But you’re growing Wild

Every thought comes to light
at the end of the Night
and wakes you with a picture
Which will haunt you all day
as you’re carried away
from your hopes for the future…

You’re the Silent Type
Holding back the tide.
You’re the Silent Type
But you’re going wild…

Every dog has it’s day
and for crumbs it will stay
crouching beneath the table.
Every word comes to pass
but you’d better think fast –
As you think -> so you’re able…

(musical Interlude)

Every Soul in order to be whole
has to duel with the Devil, while hungry…
Every Mind of the creative kind
has to wrestle with Angels for mercy…

They’re the Silent Type…
They’re the Violent type…
They will strike your thigh
As you’re aiming high…

Everyone Broken can point to the fact
that to win at the race is miraculous.
Every miracle shows what is lacking
and hands us the key to unshackle us

To avoid the hype
of things going wild
for the Silent Type
at the Seventh Mile….

Written January 26, 2010 – In response to Phoebe (NY)’s and my conversation about Natural Law verses Spiritual Covenant…