Don’t Look Down
Dedicated to Four Brilliant Kids

You always clothed yourselves
in capes and crowns
whether it was Halloween
or playing around
You put yourself right
before you’d hit the ground
You put yourself right out
in this new town

Honey don’t you dress down
when they hand you rags
Honey don’t you dumb down
when the foolish brag
Honey don’t you lay down
for love’s clearance tags
Honey don’t you look down
-don’t you look down…

If you begin to see yourself
with glaring flaws
If you begin to hear yourself
as a cacophony
then you begin to sell yourself
short of the cost, Honey
And you begin to teeter
with your balance off


Life – it is a run
up on narrow line
balancing yourself with
weights on every side
Fear may come and go
but Love stays all the time
And though you fly
You fly so high…

And tho’ you fly so high
And your wings work right
The mind sometimes is afraid of heights
The earthbound voices
with which you fight
announce your decent as you take flight
But don’t you bend your ear –
just bend your Light
like that Star you are:
designed to burn so bright…


“DontLookDown3.25.8” from Living Room Sessions Side B by Beth Wacome Keck. Released: 2008. Genre: Vocal.