It’s the first day of 2000 and something…
And with the beginning of this new year approaching, it had been made clear to me that I was to release completely raw and unedited recordings of songs I’ve written over the last several years. These particular recordings were all made, first take, the very day the songs were written. My intention, then, wasn’t to have anyone else actually listen, or critique these recordings… My intention, then, was to keep track of them. That is the reason you will hear me say at the beginning of each one which track they are on, what the first chord is, the title and so on as the recordings begin. You will also hear me mess up. I hit wrong notes here and there… You’ll hear my bracelets jingle on most, a doorbell ring on some, and dog’s walking by on many…
You will, perhaps, also feel like you are reading my diary, because in a sense you will be. Some songs are about the crazy, wild love I feel for Eric or my kids. Some work through a fight. In some I will flat-out tell family secrets…
Some songs will make you feel jealous of me (because my life is so very, VERY good) and others were my way of working though very difficult things like depression, betrayal, the murder of a family member, being hit on, suicide of close friends, etc…
Some songs are prayers…
Some talk to G-d as if I’m the favorite child.
Some talk to Jesus as if He are in a serious romance…
In some my soul chases after the Holy Spirit like a sailor chases after the Wind.
Some sound like I question if G-d cares,
is trust worthy
Or even exists…
Many don’t mention G-d at all.
The subjects are as diverse as the variant theme of days, themselves.
And today begins the flight of these recordings put out freely because I strongly sense that is the way each will find the doorstep of the hearts to which they belong, cloaked only in the vulnerability of unedited imperfection.
More to come…


If I don’t show Love when I am in Pain
If I don’t serve those who cannot repay me
If I don’t fight for the ones without rights
Bb  F                           C
I am nothing – take me down

If I can speak like the best of angels or men
If I can make mysteries as plain as the day
And have the faith to command nature –
Yet not have the love to heal it – take me down


Bb                             Fm
If I sacrifice myself, my reputation and my wealth
Even my body – I have given nothing…
Bb                                                Fm                                                C
If Love does not possess me I am worthless – or worse … Take me down
Bb                                     Fm                     C
And all that I surround myself with –  take it down
Bb                                                         Fm                       C
If it separates me or others from the Truth – Take me down…

Bridge 2:
Bb                                                     G
I am seeing through a fog – I am peering through a mist
I can feel the power coming and I know that hope exists
Bb                                               Fm
And one day I will see clearly – walk with You and You with me
But for now the dearest treasures are wrapped up in mystery

Love p2
So I must
Trust steadily

Hope unswervingly –
Love with extravagance – extravagance…

Help me to
Trust steadily

Hope unswervingly –

Love with extravagance – extravagance…

Love is the one thing that always remains
Love is the one thing
Love is the One…

@Beth Wacome Keck
June 17, 2008

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