I am no Soldier, but I fight
Fight against these thoughts – these thoughts at night
of what wont happen or what might descend upon my children

I am no victim, but I’m torn
Torn by all that which will soon be born
A war that rages upon both shores – The casualties: they are endless

But if I could fly with the Angels,
See the world from that angle,
would it seem to untangle – or simply be in labor?

I’m no Commander – but I call
for Chiefs upon their knees to fall…
For Citizens to wail upon the walls of heaven – oh Heaven – for salvation

Chorus: But if we…

I am no Midwife – but I see
the waters breaking upon the seas
While all along we beg for peace – we fight for peace and freedom…

Beth Wacome Keck @2007
Peace Writing Song Contest, Langdon Street