a.k.a. What about G-d?

“It can’t be done that way” – that’s what the people say
“You’ve passed your greatest day – It’s time to be moving on”
“It can’t be won that way – Not likely at this stage”
“You’re slipping in the race: Hand on the baton”

To which I say: What about G-d?
What about Vision?
What about Covenants
And their provisions?
What about promises
made in the dead of night
when we aren’t seeing right –
What about G-d?

It cant be won that way -best now to not engage
Step down and back away – and call it “Grace”
“It cant be sung that way” – that what the skeptics say
Its time to fade away and call it “Faith”

Chorus 1

I want to be part of that Story – woven tightly into the plot
But when presented with unlikely glory to not forget the nature of G-d
I don’t want be laughing at – I want to be laughing WITH
I don’t want to be jumping ahead – i just want to be jumping in
to the adventurous Story that my G-d’s still publishing
A plot of Redemption that my G-d is writing me in to

Alongside of G-d
Within the Vision
Inside the Covenants
Without my revisions
Inside the promises
Made in the dead of night
So i can finally read it right:
The story of G-d…


Beth Wacome Keck @March 25, 2008